TFT Vision

Founded by Xavier Kang and Tung Ka Wai, The Fool Theatre Ltd (UEN 201736761K) is a multilingual, not-for-profit theatre company in Singapore.

The Fool, as presented in the literature of William Shakespeare, is a recurring character type. The Fool is an entertaining character who appears as a clever commoner, and often overcomes challenges by using his wits.

In our modern context, a lot of people can create beautiful art through the various art forms. To help people overcome limitations and push the boundaries, the Fool acts as a guide for those who are not yet exposed to a wider range of perspectives, or those who would like to view things in different perspectives.

The Fool Theatre’s name in Chinese “愚者剧场” is derived from the idiom “大智若愚”, which means that “the fool may appear simple but he is the truly intelligent person”. 

We are on a


to create inclusive and innovative theatre experiences to connect and engage audiences from all walks of life and shape the Singaporean cultural identity.

We have a


to act and stage shows which matter to the community. We will address issues, create awareness to situations and stage voice from the community. We want people to be aware about situations and more importantly, to experience what people go through in their lives.



that the languages we speak should not restrict the Singaporean identity. We will construct our own cultural identity. We will use original scripts, or localised adaptations of renowned scripts, in our productions. We will tap on the unique heritage of our production team to explore multilingualism. We will seek creative channels to connect with audience, like exploring various mediums and methods, and integrating different styles and art forms. We aim to be the leading multilingual theatre company in shaping the Singaporean cultural identity and promote inclusiveness in our community.

We believe that theatre is important because the mark that a good piece of art leaves behind is timeless, and we should make good use of art to bond the many communities in our society.

To attract, to empower, to transcend

A theatre for Singaporeans.

Theatre is, like the Singapore identity, for everyone and by everyone.